Gnoportage aims to be a graphical front end to the Gentoo portage system.

***Tentative schedule for releases**

Release 0.4 (Alpha)- Scheduled release date February 28th.

  1. User interface will rely on libglade, which is part of improving coding standards for the project.
  2. Initiation of prefrences dialog for settings for the program, use/make conf editing.
  3. An improved file browser, with simple search capacities and a stop button.
  4. List of fixes for the consistency of the user interface.

Release 0.5 (Beta) - Scheduled release early March.

  1. File Browser filtering using eggtreeviewfilter.
  2. The implementation of the perl backend, parsing of make.conf, use, portage.mask.
  3. Queue for ebuild process.

Features being integrated.

  1. emerge -p depclean
  2. qpkg -q some_package
  3. emerge -C old_libs dep_clean says_i_don't_need
  4. ebuild editing
  5. listview icons
  6. HIG compliance
  7. Download mirror selector

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